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Educational institutions are faced with one of the hardest and simultaneously most important jobs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven software can automate many tedious aspects of teaching, bringing a new wave of student engagement, and relieving some of the burden from teachers.

Recent years have seen students’ learning uprooted, and teachers under more pressure than ever. As students return to the classrooms, there is an opportunity to reboot their learning using tools that take advantage of the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

Teachers already have too much on their plate. Time spent learning another tool is time spent away from driving student success. The best tools on teacher’s belts work for them, not against them. Herein lies the potential of AI: completing tasks that would otherwise take hours in just a few minutes with the click of a button.

Our platform leverages state-of-the-art AI based on the most recent research in learning development and pedagogy. Our goal is to empower learners to reach their maximum potential and support teachers to help them get there.

Canopy Study is an education multitool. For teachers, it is the ultimate teaching assistant; creating and grading quizzes to help students study and monitor their progress; for students, it is a tutor on-demand, delivering study resources exactly when they need it and providing instant feedback along their learning journey.

Automated Lesson Resources

Canopy Study combines the expertise of teachers with the efficiency of AI. Teachers can upload learning material such as lecture slides, documents, articles, and, with one click, they are transformed into formative resources like flashcards and questions. These resources can then be used in weekly quizzes, homework, and other study materials.

Teachers will no longer spend hours creating and marking quizzes and practice tests. Instead, this is all accomplished with AI. After the resources have been generated, teachers need only send a link to their students to grant them unlimited access.

Asynchronous Learning

Teachers can’t be on call every hour of every day, but that should not restrict when students can learn. Canopy Study’s learning resources are available at any time. As students’ study, they are provided with immediate feedback using our automatic grading system allowing them to easily see where their strengths are and where they need to improve.

Canopy Study uses algorithms that implement the latest research in cognitive science, to maximise student learning and retention. It does this by predicting when and in what format a student would most benefit from seeing a specific resource.

Immediate Insights

The best time for insights on students’ performance is now, not on test day. Canopy Study relays class performance to teachers in real time. With these up-todate insights, teachers can prioritise according to current data on their classes’ understanding.

The same applies to students who can assess their strengths and weaknesses at a glance. In this way, both the teachers and the students are more informed along the learning journey.

A Dedicated Team

Canopy Study is a labour of love by lifelong learners. We are dedicated to students and teachers alike. Expect continual improvements driven by your feedback as well as a deep understanding of education.

Go to now to create your first AI powered quiz or get in contact through email at to find out more.