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La Trobe School of Education staff will take part in webinars coordinated by Think Forward Educators for its member network and La Trobe will also provide funding of $150,000 to Think Forward Educators over the next five years.

Think Forward Educators is a grass-roots professional organisation that fosters teachers’ understanding of the science of learning, to improve excellence and equity. 

Professor Joanna Barbousas, Dean of the La Trobe School of Education, welcomed the partnership.

“The collaboration with Think Forward Educators further demonstrates our commitment to preparing teachers through evidence-informed approaches,” Professor Barbousas said.

“We look forward to working with the team at Think Forward Educators to help teachers and leaders translate research into daily classroom practice.”

Katie Roberts-Hull, CEO, said Think Forward Educators is excited to collaborate with La Trobe’s School of Education.

“This collaboration with the School of Education at La Trobe University will benefit all of the 20,000+ teachers and school leaders in the Think Forward Educators community,” said Katie.

“It shows a shared commitment to reducing the research-to-practice gap and ensuring more Australian educators have the knowledge they need be successful in the classroom.

Find out more about Think Forward Educators.

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