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Expanding your horizons from the bottom of the map

Always looking to the future, we are busily adapting to new student needs, new ways of learning, and better learning spaces. With construction of our new southern and northern campuses well underway, the University of Tasmania is preparing to integrate itself into the Hobart and Launceston CBDs.

Not only will this future-proof the University with new buildings to properly accommodate our contemporary teaching methods and broad study offerings, but it will also reinvigorate both cities by bringing student life into the heart of each.

The success of our new north west campus in Burnie has provided proof-of-concept for our bold future plan. Shifting from large lectures to smaller, more personalised learning groups, we are maintaining face-to-face teaching while making it more effective and relevant to our students.

And with our new post graduate courses in allied health, we are responding to areas of demonstrated need in the sector, providing sought-after expertise in speech pathology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Our whole island is your campus

Being an island state has forged Tasmania into a resilient and self-reliant place, where we have had to be innovative to flourish and where unique problems require unique solutions.

As a result, our state is home to an astonishingly diverse range of industries, so no matter what your area of study, at the University of Tasmania our whole island is your campus.

Tasmania’s unique and beautiful environment is the perfect place to inspire your creative aspirations, your love of ecology, your passion for fighting climate change, or your dream to design.

Study your degree your way

No matter your passion, we have a course to inspire you, along with the flexibility to study in a way that suits you. You can study full-time or part-time, online or on-campus, however fits your lifestyle and commitments.

The University of Tasmania also offers double degrees, which allow you to study two separate degrees simultaneously, saving up to two years full-time study compared to studying them separately. Choose from over 20 undergraduate courses to create a qualification that is as unique as you are.

We also offer a range of short courses, giving you the opportunity to improve your skills or learn something entirely new, without needing to commit to long-term study. Learn to understand dementia, think like a designer, or start up your own craft cider brewery.

The skills we need

Our Allied Health Expansion program is creating new opportunities to better support the Allied Health labour force in Tasmania, by responding directly to specialty areas that are in need of more trained professionals. We are collaborating with government, health professionals, industry and local Tasmanian communities to increase allied health education, training and research opportunities in Tasmania.

Beyond the classroom

As the only university in Tasmania, we are perfectly positioned to work alongside the industries, sectors and people who are shaping our island. Whether you’re pursuing a career in agriculture, marine science, medical research, or architecture, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in their fields.

Study should be an adventure, a life-changing experience, and whether your degree takes you out into the field, or if you simply get out there to explore Tasmania in your spare time, our island home is an amazing place to immerse yourself in while you learn.

Study with a conscience

As the home to some of the world’s leading climate researchers, the University of Tasmania takes its commitment to sustainability very seriously. We listen to our scientists. That is why we have divested from fossil fuel-exposed investment funds, creating an environmentally sustainable investment portfolio.

We have also been certified carbon neutral since 2016, one of only two Australian universities who are. This is based on our long recognition of the climate emergency and our desire to take a leadership role in research and operational changes, both within the sector and more broadly.

Start doing what you love

University is for everyone, and everyone takes a slightly different path to get there. If it’s been a while since you last studied, or if you have never considered university before, the University Preparation Program is a great place to start.

If there is a degree that you would love to do, but you need a little help getting there, the Diploma of University Studies is for you. And the murina Program is designed to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students gain the skills and confidence to take the next step.

Our Pathway Programs are available on all our physical campuses and many of the courses are also available online.

So, what’s stopping you?

We offer hundreds of scholarships across all areas of study to help you to relocate, provide financial support, or recognition of your achievements.

At the University of Tasmania, together, we quietly go about the extraordinary. And we welcome all of those who would like the island to shape them, the way it has shaped us. If you want to find out more, contact us today.